Friday, August 28, 2015

Meet Our Fall Intern - Kate!

Kate Mengebier
Butler University Senior

What is your favorite place to shop?

-I love online shopping! My favorite online store is Revolve Clothing. They have a lot of name brands that I like as well as two day free shipping and free returns! Plus I can shop from my bed :) 

What color scheme do you love right now?

-I love simple colors schemes like white and off white or black and white. 

Why did you decide to intern at Boldly Chic?

-Event planning is one of the suggested jobs for my major and one of the only things I was interested in. I came to interview and thought Lori and Christine were hilarious and it seemed like a fun learning experience! 

What are you studying at Butler?

-Strategic Communications major with a Critical Communications and Media Studies Minor. 

Where is your dream vacation?

-I’d love to go to Santorini, Greece with my family! I love the contrast of all the white buildings against the blue ocean and the Greek culture. 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thanking Your Vendors

There are a ton of people to thank during and after your wedding, right?  Between family members that help, bridesmaids that go above and beyond and your parents for all they do - the list is endless.  On that list should be your vendors, though.  They work tirelessly to make sure your day is flawless and as close to perfect as humanly possible.  Again.  Trust me.  They don't slack.  They sweat.  

Photo by Sara Ackermann

Many BCE clients will ask us the best way to say "thank you" to their vendors and we have just a few nontraditional ideas to consider.  How about...
  • A personalized note!
    • All of your vendors aim to please their clients and cannot receive better reassurance that they did, than by receiving a handwritten note expressing your gratitude.
    • An even better touch would be to include a photo of you that pertains to that vendor (i.e. a photo of you dancing sent to the DJ; a stunning photo of you in your dress sent to the dress boutique, a photo of you with the vendor, etc).
  • Leave a fantastic review for all to see!
    •  Although we LOVE a personalized note; a "thumbs up" on a business profile goes a long way for all vendors!
  • Refer Them!
    • Nothing excites vendors more than knowing that they have the potential to work with your friends or family. A bonus, is that you will be at the wedding too! All of your vendors will be excited to connect once again, after your wedding day!
  • Gratuities
    • Tips are customary for vendors, however, if you especially loved a certain aspect of your day - it is a HUGE "thank you" receiving a monetary addition to their standard contract price.  We always recommend putting yourself in their shoes - did they barely sit, perform labor-intensive tasks and trouble-shoot for 8+ hours?  Then they probably deserve an extra something.  It's a courtesy.
  • Use your vendor(s) again!
    • Your photographer shot your wedding day, you loved the photos - wouldn't they be perfect to use again for newborn photos too?! I can guarantee you, your photographer would be overjoyed to capture another huge moment in your life. 
  • The most huggable, hug you've ever given. 
    • Sounds cheesy, however, at the end of the night your vendors are hoping for an overjoyed bride and groom. Our team, along with other vendors, love to see your smile and get that emotional hug from you. Honestly. It goes a long way.
  • Personalized Gifts
    • You may have found out your videographer is obsessed with sweets (just like you) - treat them to a fabulous candy box (i.e. A Sweet Delivery). There isn't a better feeling, knowing that your client took the time to really think about your gift. 
  • Say THANK YOU...and often. 
    • Truly, all of your vendors love to hear this simple statement. Be kind and appreciative throughout the planning process. It will lead to everyone having a happier experience and probably some perks thrown-in by your vendors.  Wouldn't you work even harder for someone who openly appreciated you and respected your work?  I think you would.
None of the above have to cost much at all.  Money-related gifts are not the expectation by any of your vendors.   Instead, your vendors just want you to love the final product/service.  They want you to be smiling ear to ear after you marry and jet off on that honeymoon you have planned for so long!  So, be sure to thank those you have hired to create that smile!

Boldly Yours, 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Plan with a Grain of Salt

Photo by Susan Jackson Photography

Our job is intense, emotional and heavy.  Each day we work with clients we care so much about and with which we have developed a friendship.  We listen and hear what is important to them and what means the most for their wedding day. As their friend, we always agree!  As their planner, we have to step back and give them our best professional advice.  And, sometimes, that is not what they want to hear.  But, it is so important that a couple keep perspective as they go through the planning.  Getting caught up in tiny decisions or set backs almost always ruins the fun engagement experience, and we hate to see that!

It is so very easy to get engulfed in the ideas you have (ahem, Pinterest) and move away from what is really happening around you.  You are engaged to marry the one you love!  Period.

So, instead of spending HOURS looking at all the ideas online and believing that your decor will match exactly the picture from the staged photo shoot that cost thousands of dollars to produce...plan with a grain of salt.  Lighten up.  Stop sweating.  Things are going to be lovely and wonderful and beautiful and stress-free.  But only if you allow them to be.

Here are the Top 5 Things our clients overthink.  We recommend easing up and trusting your initial decisions - change is good in life, but change in wedding planning is actually exhausting and usually not necessary.

Photography - The photographer you have hired is a professional - relax! You do not have to remind them to get a shot of your dress on a hanger. They know exactly what details and moments to capture - just let the day flow and have fun!  When you begin to create a crazy list of "details" for them to photograph, they lose time to be the artist you loved so much in the first place.

Welcome Bags - Drop these off to the hotel front desk, give instructions and MOVE ON. I know it's tough - but you will drive yourself nuts if you spend all your time worrying about that one family member not receiving the bag just because the hotel got something wrong.  You have so, so many bigger things happening that day/weekend - that you should not let this bother you.  They still love you and if they complain about not getting their "gift" I am not sure they are there for the right reasons anyway.  All is well.  We promise.

Invitations - You have zero control once you drop these in the giant outgoing blue box. Realize that early and know the mail system isn't perfect. Human error will occur while you plan - but if you take things with a grain of salt, you will have much more fun going through this exciting process!

Linens and Table Design - Trust your gut. You know your style and have the guidance of your vendors. Once you've selected your fabulous linens and table settings, do not continue searching photos and websites to find out what might be even better than what you've selected! After this decision - no more Pinterest, you will thank us.

Florals - Do not have your heart set on an exact replica of a bouquet you've seen online.  Have faith that your florist will create something stunning for you, but it is nearly impossible to create an exact match to the photo you fell in love with.  Especially when the photo has been edited to create the perfect color on that bud you see on your computer screen.  Not realistic.  Photos are for inspiration, not copy-cats.

Emails/Phone Calls - Please know that your vendors honestly do adore you and we love to help! But, please don't stop breathing if you haven't heard from someone in under 24 hours. Just as your wedding is on the weekend, we probably are unable to chat as much on a Friday or Saturday due to client events. In addition, many wedding vendors do not work on Monday due to their long weekend schedule.  We live, love and adore our job.  But we, too, need a break to stay on our game when we are back at the office.  Longer than a 24 hour time frame may be a cause for concern - but receiving an answer to a simple question can wait a day or two!  

Enjoy this time and enjoy each other!! You are getting MARRIED to your love - not to your linens.

Boldly Yours,
Lori & Christine

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Meet Olivia - our 2015 Summer Intern!

I grew up in Fishers, Indiana and graduated from Hamilton Southeastern High School. I am currently a junior at IUPUI majoring in Tourism, Conventions, and Event Management.

What is your favorite thing about being a guest at a wedding?
My favorite thing about being a guest at a wedding would have to be the ceremony. Hearing a couple exchange their vows and simply being able to witness one of the most important days of their lives is such a beautiful thing. 

Where is your favorite place to indulge in delicious food and drink?

Since I spent the last two years at Ball State University, my favorite place to indulge is definitely a hidden gem in the town of Muncie. Puerto Vallarta (or Puertas as most people refer to it) is by far the best Mexican food you can find! It is the perfect place to unwind after a long week of classes! 

 I am most looking forward to…

Getting involved in the wedding industry and learning more about being an event planner. I've wanted to be a wedding planer for as long as I can remember so I'm so excited for this opportunity! 

My favorite store….

How can I narrow it done to one? I love boutiques and unique clothes so I would say my top three favorite stores are Blue Peppermint, Dottie Couture and Francescas!

Boldly Yours,

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bold Business: Manayunk Calligraphy

Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting the incredibly talented artist behind all the pretti-ness of Manayunk Calligraphy! Learn more about Kim and her business below!  This lovely business is relocating from the East Coast to Indy this summer and we are swooning.

1.  What is something couples should know about wedding calligraphy?

It doesn't have to be stuffy. It can be fun and edgy, quirky and whimsical, modern and slick. It can even be bad ass. Calligraphy is the absolute first thing people see when they are invited to your big day - before they even open the invitation, they have a sense of what they are in for. Use it as opportunity to show them they are in for a treat.

Another thing to know is that calligraphy isn't limited to the invitations... or paper. Use calligraphy in unexpected places -- like cocktail flags, photo booth backdrops or hashtag signs -- to add memorable details to your event. My personal favorite? Calligraphy on macaroons. There's nothing sweeter.

2.  When did you discover you loved this form of art?

When I did it for my own wedding. I have a background in art and when it came time for my own wedding, I was determined to learn calligraphy. I absolutely loved it. I would get completely lost in loop-de-loops, swashes of ink, giant swells and tiny hairlines. When the wedding was over, I was so bummed -- calligraphy just didn't have the same effect on my to-do list. My husband encouraged me to offer calligraphy to other couples getting married, and the rest, as they say, is history.

3.  How do you differ from other local calligraphers?

My style is anything but traditional. Some couples are looking for ultra traditional copperplate or Spencarian calligraphy (don't those names just sound fancy?), and there are many calligraphers in the area that do absolutely beautiful work in this arena. I'm not one of them. I'm the calligrapher for people who swoon over curated vintage flea markets and long for an IKEA in Indy. My work embraces the handmade character of this old world technique, while giving it a distinctly modern bend. It appeals to those couples who want something a little (or a lot) different. 

4.  What inspires you most?

The juxtaposition of old and new. Vintage images in graphic design. An old wingback flea market chair refurbished with a bright, modern pattern. A new IKEA Ingo hacked into an old school farmhouse table. I love it all. And, really, that's what I do -- but with ink. Lots and lots of ink.

5.  Describe your business in three words.

Handmade. Modern. Inky.

Photo Credit: Moonrise Rebel

We are so excited to have Manayunk Calligraphy in Indy!  Our clients are going to adore working with you - thanks, Kim!

For more info, click and see:

Boldly Yours, 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

5 Vendor Red Flags

Our couples are always searching for amazing vendors.  In all categories, there are so many great options, however we are always on the lookout for reg flags.  We want our couples to have the most flawless day.  So, if any of these apply to a vendor that our client is considering, we will always speak up!  

Here are some "flags" we look for:

1. Nothing in Writing and Nothing to Sign
This is a HUGE red flag for us. A verbal agreement is just not acceptable. This company and/or vendor may be great, or you know someone who has used them and everything turned out wonderfully - but without a written agreement, nothing is set in stone and they ultimately owe you nothing. This could result in a no show, a change in terms or pricing, etc., and you would have nothing to fall back on to insure you received the services you originally discussed. It is simply best to walk away if they are unable to offer a written agreement.  

2. No Reviews or References
Every vendor, without a doubt, should have references. This should be something they can easily send to you without hesitation. Reviews are extremely helpful as well, as you can see truthful, honest opinions from past clients. Both of these should be readily available to you as a potential client.  Be sure the list includes real clients and not relatives, friends or employees of the company.

3. They Wear Too Many Hats
Offering an overabundance of services always makes us uneasy.  This may be "I'm a florist, planner and I offer stationery!" Vendors we see excel the most and offer the most amazing product or service, typically have one focus. Although something may seem like a great packaged deal; the end result may not be exactly as you had envisioned. Mainly because their focus is on 3, 4, 5 different tasks, rather than ONE amazing area of service.

4. No Website
This is just not the day and age we are in. Every successful business should have a great website with an abundance of useful info listed. The Internet is one of the first places most of us to go to do preliminary research - which is why a website is crucial!  Brides and Grooms are online more than ever and an online presence is not really an option.  If the company has not invested in this easy-to-do marketing strategy, they may not invest in the "latest and greatest" for your event either.

5. They are not a Team Player
We encourage our couples to ask their contracted vendors for their honest opinions of other companies they are considering hiring. Again, a vendor that our clients are considering may be able to deliver a fantastic, final product or service - but do they work well with the vendors already in place? If this vendor is a total headache during the entire planning process and is even harder to get in touch with, but always creates something amazing in the end - is it worth it in the long run? Your big day will go off without a hitch when you have an experienced and trusted team of vendors by your side.  

Keep these in mind for your big day and as you go through the process of selecting your crew of professionals.  These are the general guidelines we use when helping our couples and we think it keeps things realistic and in perspective.  Go with your gut and you will be smiling the entire way through! 

Boldly Yours,

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

5 Busy Bride Tricks

For those brides and couples who have no extra time to give, this post is for you. Planning a wedding can almost be like another full time job, and who has time for that? We are sharing some great ways to make the planning process fun but not overwhelming!

1.  Ask for Help!
    • This is an extremely exciting process, but certain aspects can be too much at times - there are tons of people who will want to step in and take things off your hands.
    • Do you have 50 Welcome Bags to stuff, stickers to place, ribbons to tie, a seating chart to tackle? Ask a friend for help, pour a glass of wine and have fun with it!
    • Most definitely, ask your planner - we are here to help and guide you in all aspects!
    • All of your vendors are in place to assist you as well! Everyone wants their couples to be care-free and enjoy the process.  They will likely go above and beyond for you - no matter the question or situation. 
2.  Pick A Day
    • With an upcoming wedding - you are likely to have a million and one other things going on as well.  You might have family obligations, weddings to attend as a guest or attendant or otherwise.  So, each week, set one day aside to sit down and tackle your wedding "to-dos.  Stick to this schedule! Trust me, you will feel so much better if you do and you will feel better knowing there is dedicated time to work on the wedding. 
3.  Be Decisive
    • Don't sit on decisions until the last minute. You will lose out on good deals, good vendors and other great things.
    • Checking an item off your list will feel so rewarding, rather than pushing it off for weeks. You just never know, it may be too late - vendors get booked, prices can adjust, etc. 
    • Trust your gut, and go with it!  
4.  Use Technology
    • There are so many tools on the Internet, however, you have to check out Plan The Day.
      • You can store all of your contracts, conversations, guest lists, timelines, and so much more on this awesome website (Smartphone friendly too)!
    • Set reminders for yourself, add meetings to your calendars and archive your emails. As planners, we would be lost without all of our handy technology tricks. 
    • Use these easy resources and stay organized!  Again, you will feel lighter and breezier with things at your fingertips. 
5.  Set Reasonable Expectations 
    • For one, use Pinterest as an inspiration tool - not "my bouquet must look EXACTLY like this." We love Pinterest, however it can be very unrealistic. You may find photos you love, however, we may know those blooms aren't in season to have at your wedding, that photo will not work at your venue, those chairs have to be shipped from across the country, etc etc. 
    • It is wonderful to have an idea and vision, but have an open mind!  Plus, who wants something everyone has seen before - make your day all about you and your loves!
    • Also, have a "window budget" and stick to it! You will want to have an overall $$ number in mind, but also plan for some wiggle room. If you decide you cannot be without a certain item or vendor, the decision will be much easier knowing that you have that built in $2-5k "window" - just in case!:)
These subtle tips can make a Busy Bride feel a little bit better as she navigates through the process.  Keep things in order, be efficient and always have a little wiggle space with the details.  See, you CAN have it all!

Boldly Yours,