Friday, April 18, 2008

More is More - MIM's the Word!

I heard this the other day and I just couldn’t kick the idea. It is so true. If my line of business, currently being marketing, less is usually more, especially with direct campaigns. But outside of my job, my life better reflects the "more is more" attitude.

More is definitely more for my upcoming wedding and I think it is important for all brides to determine their "bride-attitude." If you like simplistic designs, chances are you might be a bride who wants a wedding filled with beautiful roses and linens. If you like bold impressions you may choose to create that "whoa" by using larger-than-expected centerpieces and other unique décor. Whatever your style, determine it before jumping into the planning!

Back to the "more is more" (MIM), I attended a bridal seminar last night that was put on by my caterer for all their brides this summer. They definitely supported the MIM by displaying over 10 different table settings, passed signature cocktails for sampling, and a large buffet with hundreds of hors d’oeuvres for the brides to test. This event made it easy to get a taste of what they can offer me…and I found out that there is more to your caterer than just food and a stocked bar. They can be the backbone to your wedding by supplying everything from linens and tables to great buffet designs and wonderful event coordinators on staff.

I very much appreciated the event and hope that caterers everywhere are doing something each season for their brides that shows off what they can offer their wedding couples! MIM’s the word!

This weekend I need to get to work on our DIY aisle runner and our DIY projected monogram! Tips to come…

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