Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Wedding Florists' Dream....or not

Yesterday was a crazy day in my wedding centric life. I went to work as usual. Which, by the way, is something that I won’t go into on this blog due to the boring-ness that is my job. I prepared for my florist appointment all morning. Making sure I had all my pictures in my overly organized binder. Now, back in September I thought I had officially chosen my centerpieces and locked down all my floral needed. Nope. Boy was I wrong. Here is my first tip for brides everywhere:

Choose your florist early, choose your flowers later.

What I mean by that is that it truly is important to book your florist as early as you can. Not only will this calm you down, but it will lend much respect from your florist. BUT, if your florist will allow, come up with some general ideas that can be fine tuned later.

I literally changed everything that was on my contact. My centerpieces changed dramatically (in look and price), I added about a million new things I never knew I needed, and deleted things I no longer thought were necessary. I wouldn’t have known any of this back in September. I needed to go through the wedding planning process a bit more before I realized exactly what I needed to execute my vision.

The good part is that I have an amazing florist that was so willing to change everything around for me and laugh with me during our meeting.
She loved my ideas and always has good ones to offer as well. Of course, now I just have to sit and wait to see what new “damage” I have done to our budget…I won’t go into how I broke the news to the boy toy later that night.

Next big decision for me is to hire or not to hire…a make up artist. Stay tuned…

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