Monday, May 5, 2008

Transportation Trends

As promised, I wanted to reveal some of the top trends I have found while booking the different transportation needed for our upcoming wedding.

This past weekend I looked at my dry erase board and noticed that "transportation" had once again carried over from last month’s "to do" list and frankly, I was getting tired of looking at it. So, if you are wondering whether booking transportation needs to be done six months ahead of time, the answer is no. However, because planning a wedding takes approximately 280 hours to plan (aka 7 weeks in the working world), you may want to put it on your list to remind yourself that is will become a priority in the near future.

Another thing to remember is that because the standard "wedding season" falls near or directly after the infamous "prom season" (I seriously just got asked at the mall if I was shopping for prom! I am 24 years old people!) you just need to make sure and cover your bases. Be aware of what else is happening in the event industry and plan to book accordingly.

Okay, on with the trends!

Yet to fade
The Classic 8-passenger stretch limousine – that’s right, this fad is far from fading in the wedding/event industry. Everyone loves the look, image and luxury of this vehicle and I don’t think it is going anywhere anytime soon.

Soon to fade
The horse & carriage – while it may never fully go away, the popularity of this mode is fading quickly as more modern brides hit the scene. Don’t let this get you down though. If you are determined to have that Cinderella feel you should do it girl!

Latest & Greatest
The black sedan – simple & chic, and that is sometimes all a girl needs to make her wedding the perfect day she imagined. This is also a very cost-effective option that keeps the class and ditches the cost.
The helicopter - this is only for the adventurous couple who want to create that memorable departure in front of all their guests.
Mini-bus for your guests – one of the newest trends to the wedding scene is the mini-bus (usually holds 20-30 passengers). Couples are willing to cover the cost to shuttle out-of-town guests to and from the wedding and reception so that guests truly get first-class treatment. One way to do this without cutting into your budget it to check with the hotel that you are reserving. They may have a complimentary shuttle to certain areas of your city. It can’t hurt to ask!

My Personal Premonitions
Bicycles – I just have a feeling this will become popular in some form or another.

So there you have it wedding chica's….choose the option that fits your theme, personalities, budget and most importantly….your dream.

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