Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Lost and Found of Weddings: 2008 in Review

The new and the old, the ugly and the bad, the bold and the beautiful were seen in the event industry during 2008. Here is a list of my perspectives of what should stay and what should go in 2009. So, all you 2009 brides – listen carefully!!!

DISCLAIMER: These are only my opinions and every bride can take what they like and leave what they don’t!

The Lost (don’t go here this year)

1) Disco balls and lights: With so many alternatives in lighting, all at a decent price, let’s move out of the 80’s and into the millennium years. Tell your DJ to keep the sirens and fog machines in his van too.
2) Mints: Whether you hand them out for favors, use them on the cake table or pour them into bowls for the guest tables…they are old and overused. Try to step it up with your favorite candy or snack food.
3) Colored Gown Sashes: This fad came and now the train has left the station. Try using color in other accessories…
4) Tiara’s: These are a favorite of many brides – but in my opinion these are near deceased in the wedding world and can really date your event if you go too far overboard.
5) Princess Ball Gowns: Out – that’s all there is to it.

The Found (what to carry over from 2008)

1) Color: Go beyond the “2 color” rule by adding bursts and surprises throughout your entire event
2) Vogue-style Hair & Makeup: While it doesn’t work for everyone, going FAR outside the boundaries on your hair and makeup is savvy and chic.
3) Grand Entrances & Grand Departures: Think outside of the box on this one – so many couple’s are really beginning to step it up.
4) Details: The smallest details are becoming more and more important and I hypothesize that this will only continue into 2009. So, be sure to add little details all over your event and really make your guests remember your day as much as you will!
5) Change in Schedule: Couple’s aren’t sticking to the status quo when it comes to the order of activities during their ceremony or reception. The traditions have changed over the years and couples are working to make sure the order of events occur how they want them and how they want their guests to experience them.

Keep yourself and your event current by reading the best magazines on the stands (you know what they are) and watching a lot of STYLE network! Oh – and all the awesome blogs that are all over the web! Happy Planning!

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