Monday, November 23, 2009

Pulling Ideas From Your Favorite Stores

Decorating your home is always fun, but the holidays make it just a little bit more special.  Many of my clients hire professional decorators to come in and make their house beautiful before they host their annual holiday cocktail or dinner party.  But, this just isn't feasible for most people, including myself.  That is why I use my favorite stores to draw inspiration from for my holiday decor. 

Not only does this work for your home, but if you are having a wedding, birthday party, baby shower, etc. you can still use this idea for centerpiece ideas, color scheme pairings and even party flow layouts!

My two favorite places to do this are Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn.  They are available to practically everyone, either online or in person, and are very cost effective.  Even if you pull your ideas together from these stores and buy the materials elsewhere, it is totally worth the design!

Here are some of my favorite designs I found this year in the catalog I receive at home.  I also visited my local stores and got more ideas for my upcoming events.

Happy Decorating everyone!!!! 

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