Friday, February 26, 2010

Rain or Shine ~ The Party Must Go On!

Since the weather kept me from going into the office today, I thought this blog was appropriate.  In the event planning world, so many clients ask me "but what if it rains!?" or "what if we have to cancel due to weather?!"  Planning around mother nature can be tough, and very stressful.  Here are some tips to make sure you are covered and that your event can still go off without a hitch!

*Work with all your vendors, during the contracting process, to include a "rain date" policy. This might include you holding an additional date and paying a portion of the costs if you do need to reschedule.  

*If you are flexible on dates, check the wedding patterns during the time of year you are considering.  Patterns are typically the same with minimal variations year to year.

*When it comes to a large event that can't be easily rescheduled, whether it is a wedding or a bar/bat mitzvah, always have an alternative venue in mind and check into what arrangements you needs to make to reserve that space if necessary.

*If you absolutely know that you don't want to reschedule, work out a Plan B and share it with all the important people (family, vendors, your planner, etc.) so that everyone is prepared if at the last minute the weather is not cooperating.

*Finally, as always, staying calm is really what gets you through a storm (pun intended!).  

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