Monday, March 1, 2010

Beautiful Spring Blooms

I love when season's begin to change.  That means new colors, new fashion trends and even more blooms!  Each season has different flowers to call their own and Spring has some of the most BEAUTIFUL and most popular ones to choose from.  Here are the two that I will be recommending to my clients as spring approaches us:

Cherry Blossom's ~ what could say LOVE better and more organically?

Peonies ~ I am not sure these will ever go out of style...especially done in pink!

Other all time favorites for Spring are daffodils, hyacinth and tulips.  Mixing three, or even four, different blooms can be gorgeous.  On the other hand....using one type of bloom, and doing it really well, can also really push the WOW factor.  What is your favorite flower for Spring?

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Interprintations said...

Peonies are by far my fave! They have such a soft, romantic look to them. Weddings, Consulting & Planning, Event Coordinators, free websites