Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Glass and MORE!

I visited Glass and MORE! yesterday while visiting my sister, who lives in Upland (Go Taylor!).  As a wedding and event planner....I was in glass heaven!  The website does it no justice...because when you step inside, you find the best selection and prices I have ever seen (short of your neighborhood's yard sale). I spent a total of $13.89 and got tons of unique blue, green and beaded votives and candy stands.  

I know that Wedding Consultants all over Indiana know about this treasure...but if you are a bride and need to get your glass supplies (for your wedding or for your home) inexpensively....make the trip!  It is worth your time.

I will be back soon, hopefully dragging Interprintations with me, to get all the supplies I need to create a beautiful Candy Bar!

Pictures to come!

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Interprintations said...

I am so jealous! You better believe I'll be joining you on your next visit. =) Weddings, Consulting & Planning, Event Coordinators, free websites