Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Price of a Party

Budgets are top of mind with all of my clients...and that is okay.  So, to answer the #1 question {how can I minimize costs?}, I have a few pointers:
  • With each name you add to your guest list....remember that the price just went up approximately $50-$450.  Yikes!
  • Be realistic about the "type" of party you want.  Recognize that the big costs usually are in the food, entertainment and decor.  
  • Avoid overspending...always do your research!  The chances that there is a better deal are pretty high!
  • Outline your budget with your planner.  Many event planners are experts at tracking, recording and maintaining budgets.  So, utilize their expertise and ask as many questions as you want!  This is your money, after all!
  • Sticking to the basics is not a bad thing.  Some of the most fabulous parties are simple, chic and affordable!
For more consulting on event budget planning...don't hesitate to contact Boldly Chic Events!

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