Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Location is Everything

As the title reads...location is everything when it comes to your special event.  The decision should be given lots of thought before you sign by the "X's."  Here are the factors to keep in mind when shopping around:

{1}  Geographic location in comparison to where you live.  Trust me when I say you want to stay relatively close to home.

{2}  Size.  Some venues can be immediately eliminated based on their capacity limits.  

{3}  Out of town guest accommodations.  Know what hotels and other amenities are in the area for those individuals traveling to be there.

{4}  Budget.  Don't waste your time if the cost is out of your range.  Move on and don't get attached.  There are more fish in the sea...

{5}  Parking and transportation.  What is and isn't available for your guests?  Depending on your budget, valet is a great alternative when the available parking is over a 3 minute walk away.

{6} Color, decor and lighting.  Have you really looked at the walls, ceilings and other attributes of the space.  Take pictures and think about the additional costs you will incur to make the room or facility what you want it to be for your special event.  Boldly Chic Planner Says...{The best space is a blank space.}

{7}  Layout.  If the space was designed for something other than special events, the layout might be shaped differently than a perfect rectangle.  Don't consider it a problem if you are creative...but call in an expert to provide you layout options based on all the equipment that is needed for your event.  

{8}  Refund policies.  No one plans to cancel their venue once they fall head over heels.  But, life happens and you should discuss the refund policy to insure that some of your $$$ can be recuperated.  

{9}  Hidden costs.  They are everywhere in the event planning process.  So, ask the question outright..."What additional costs can I expect to incur?"

{10}  Set up.  Find out how far in advance you will have access to the space to put your final & fabulous touches on it.

{11}  Eats & Drinks.  Does the venue use on-site catering services or can you hire outside vendors?  If so, do you have free reign or do you need to use one of their contracted, preferred caterers?  The same question should be asked regarding all vendors, actually....(rentals, florists, entertainment, etc.).

{12}  Plan "B".  If you have decided on an outdoor space, always find out what is available in the case of bad weather.  Most venues have back-up plans in place and are happy to help.

Finally....remember to choose a site that reflects your personality and style.  With this list and that tip you will definitely find the right place!

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