Sunday, May 23, 2010

Secrets of a Wedding Planner

Here are a few secrets that are sure to help you on your wedding day...with or without an expert on hand!  These are 6 thoughts that are running through a planner's head while the bride is busy getting ready to walk down that aisle!

{1}  Perfection isn't likely.  If you expect everything to fall into place, with no hiccups, you will end up disappointed.  So, give up that thought and you will have much more fun.  But...

{2}  Be confident.  Still understand that the day will be full of beautiful elements and memories.

{3}  Remember to include some way or another.  Both sides of the families should play a part in the wedding.  Something as simple as asking an opinion will make family feel involved. really bonds everyone and makes the wedding super special.

{4}  Remember the groom.  Make sure they have everything they need.

{5}  Remain calm.  If you are calm, everyone else is relaxed and enjoying the day.

{6}  Bring an emergency kit with pins, headache medicine, mints and band aids.  And remember where you put it...

Whether you have hired a wedding planner or not, you can still use these tips to keep your mind clear and focused on what really is important...your marriage!

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