Monday, June 7, 2010

Six Steps to Stunning

Creating a wedding that demands attention can be a challenge.  So, before your day turns from bland to grand, here are Boldly Chic Event’s Six Steps to Stunning…

{1} Make it yours.  Personalization is key and there are so many unique ways to tie in the small details about you and your fiance.  The first thing I do with my clients is get to know them…and then I begin to suggest ways in which they can create an event that represents who they are and what they love.

{2} Twist Tradition.  There is comfort in certain wedding traditions.  But, by twisting it just a little, you add a memorable touch.  I recently had a client who did not want the traditional seated dinner-flow at their wedding reception.  So, instead, we created a progressive mini-meal party.  Guests could not wait to move to the next area and experience another tasty bite and atmosphere!

{3}  Dramatize.  Not every couple digs drama or attention.  However, everyone knows that drama creates gasps and excitement.  So, if that is what you want….go dramatic.  Up the lighting aspects, make a grand entrance and use bold décor. 

{4}  Tug a little….at everyone’s heart strings.  Not only is this a day for the couple to show their love, it is a day that brings out the emotions in everyone.   Create a setting that sets the scene for what the day is all about…falling in love.

{5}  Eat and Drink…in style.  No matter who says what, modern menus are in and you should definitely use this aspect of the day to your benefit.  It is a big portion of the budget and can be used to tie everything together…creating an awesome experience.

{6}  Exit with Excitement.  Paper airplanes, feathers…I have seen it all and believe me, the possibilities are endless.  Refer to Step #1 – Make it yours…

Through it all…your wedding is a time to celebrate.  So, why not create a celebration that you, your family and your friends will never be able to forget?!

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