Saturday, September 25, 2010

Prepping the Outdoors

Outdoor events are more popular than ever.  And, not just during the warm months!  It is so important that you keep your environment in mind when designing your wedding or other special party.  You want to be sure you choose the right props and materials for the unpredictable, outside setting.

From bugs to weather, from bathroom accommodations to odors (seriously), special compromises (good and bad) will need to be made.

Here are 7 Outdoor Event Tips from BCE to get you off on the right foot.  And, if you are on the fence between hosting your event inside or out – this might be helpful in that regard as well.

1. Rent a tent that has open sides so that you’re still outside, just with measure of protection if it begins to rain or storm. And, you can provide a “natural” look inside the tent if you still want to achieve an outdoor atmosphere.  Don’t forget to have the tent company provide walkways to-and-from the tent.  If your guests have to walk through mud to get to the tent it won’t make for the most jovial crowd, to say the least.

2. If your event is taking place during evening hours, be sure to purchase or rent the correct lighting.  The bulbs will need to be bigger and a higher voltage, so be sure to ask the experts (tent companies can provide lighting assistance) or your wedding planner for assistance.  They need to be durable and easily protectable.  If you plan to use candles, choose votives that are tall enough to shield the flame from any wind.

3. Don’t forget about the possibility of bugs.  Depending on the season and the location, bug invasions may or may not be too likely.  Better safe than sorry, though – do your research and seek help from the experts to truly determine what you need to do to protect your guests and yourself from pesky mosquitoes or otherwise.  From bug nets to a simple spray treatment, it will be worth the time and cost.  

4.Locate the nearest restroom.  If there isn’t an indoor option nearby, hire a portable restroom company, or order through your tent provider.  These portals have come a long way and can actually be quite nice for guests.  But, remember to have some great smelling flowers and/or candles. (hey, this isn’t one of our favorite topics either, people! But it has to be addressed…)

5.Be sure the menu you have selected will bode well in the expected temperatures.  For instance, mayonnaise never does too well outside. Your caterer will help you choose seasonal, delectable dishes.  A great caterer will make sure your menu is perfect for your venue.  Be particularly careful with your cake as well.  Fondant or marzipan icing will do best outside.

6.Shield the sun.  Be sure to plan your schedule around the sunset.   No one likes it when the sun is in their eyes.

7.It is always great practice to inquire with all your vendors (especially those coordinating any décor) regarding their recommendations for your outdoor affair.  Chances are they will each have something that you probably haven’t thought of yet! 

Outdoor celebrations are so fun to create.  You just have to do a little more thinking in advance about the luxuries that are normally included with indoor spaces.  

Good luck and happy planning!
Boldly Yours,

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