Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Ultimate Dinner Party

I watched a great episode of Rachael Ray (thank you TiVo!) this week and wanted to quickly share a few of her "Ultimate Dinner Party" ideas.  Julianne Moore was the special guest and I really admired her taste and style.  It was simple, natural and basic - but so chic. 

Here were her tips for decorating your dinner table:
• Keep items such as flower arrangements and stemware low; you want to be able to see your guests. (this was by far my favorite "take away" from the show - especially since everyone always thinks the centerpieces need to be tall and large!)

• You can combine rosemary and chamomile to make nice floral arrangements. "Rosemary is really fragrant but it doesn't overpower," Julianne says. "And chamomile is great because it's also an herb." (how great is this idea?! this will fit into any budget!)

• For charming place cards, have your kids fold index cards in half and decorate one for each guest - they will love doing it, and it will occupy them while you get everything ready for dinner. (so smart, Julianne!) 

• Napkin rings can be a simple bit of rosemary and chamomile tied together with raffia, and for a tablecloth, burlap can give your table a natural look.  (raffia is great for so many things - and burlap always creates an effortless look)

• Don't include expensive or precious items in your table setting: "You shouldn't ever be afraid that someone is going to knock something over and break it, or that you're going to break it in the kitchen, or that the kids are going to break it."  (Julianne suggested shopping for your dinnerware at places like Ikea - low prices and great pieces for little cash)

I also loved Rachael's segment on the crostini bar - and was drooling afterward.  Check that out HERE.  Her husband's homemade cocktail didn't look so bad either...and might be on the menu at my house tonight!

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