Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Modern Baby Shower

I have a love-hate relationship with this particular special event.  But, I think if some extra care is put into the details (which is always my mantra) they can be a beautiful memory for everyone.  Start with these BCE twists...

1.  Go Coed.  The father-to-be (secretly) wants to be included anyway. 
2.  Create a new flow.  Forget about the typical “sit in a circle of (unmatched) chairs with your plates on your lap” layout.    This is a key twist that will turn your party up a notch.  Instead, use small tables with a few seats around each or create one long dining table, with a head chair at the end for the soon-to-be mommy.  Organization screams sophistication – and that is exactly what these looks will do.

3.  Pre-party.  Hire a makeup and hair artist to come in prior to the party to pamper and prepare the parents.  This will be a wonderful way to make them feel beautiful (and we all know that pregnancy can make you feel not so pretty) and ready to see all their friends and family.  Oh, and it will make for beautiful photos too.
4.  Skip the traditional buffet.  Small platters of snacks on each table, or in the middle of your long table, will make it easy for guests to access.  Keep the bites small and non-messy.  Think rice crackers, gourmet cheese, dumplings filled with yumminess, sushi rolls, etc.  Of course, make sure all the foods “fit” together and that you don’t overdo it.  (obvious tip: include something that the pregnant lady can and loves to eat!)
5.  Surprise with sweets. Exchange the cake for small sundaes, candy boxes or other sweets.  Again, line the middle of the tables with them or have the host serve to each guest.
6.  Ban the blues and pinks.  There are so many gorgeous colors to choose from.  Be creative and keep it personal to the expecting parents. 

When it comes to the gifts, be sure that everyone has a great view of the action and that the new mom is smiling.  Finally, keep the décor simple and soft (and organized).  After this kind of baby shower – everyone is going to be excited for the new arrival!

Boldly Yours,

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