Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spooky Sunday Coffee

It has been a great BCE weekend, and I am finally sitting down (feet up, creme brulee coffee next to me) to blog.  

We teamed up with Interprintations for a Halloween Sweets Table photo shoot.  I love designing the tables and she loves creating the paperie for them.  So, that is what we did!  And, we kinda love the result.  Here is a teaser photo...but, I promise to blog more once all the photos are available!  

Here are some other finds to keep you smiling about the Halloween holiday next weekend!

These "no carve" pumpkins are extremely chic and modern.  We love.  

These party ideas are pretty creative and so easy to organize.  I think adults and kids would get a huge kick out of any of them!

It doesn't get much easier than Ticings (especially during the holidays)!  We adore the idea of a gourmet-look on a DIY budget.  

You know we are uber-girly here at BCE.  The color pink is our close friend.  That said, we couldn't do this week's Sunday Coffee without sharing this Hostess with the Mostess idea.  Ghoul's Night is exactly our kind of Halloween bash...

Time to start thinking about Thanksgiving, huh?  That is fine with us!

Boldly Yours,

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