Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Coffee

I totally skipped last week's Sunday Coffee...due to the fact that I was taking a little "me" time in Las Vegas.  It rarely happens, and I felt a little guilty being away, but it was worth every daiquiri I sipped while there.  (and I gambled just a little bit at the SATC slot machine)

But, back to business and back to Sunday Coffee!  Check out these great finds on this beautiful weekend in Indianapolis:
  • Pink, Inc. is one company that I am dying to utilize.  Whimsical is the best word to describe their designs.  I am just waiting for the right client to walk through my doors...

  • Mill Top is the new "it" place for your event on the north side of Indy.  I visited it today with a terrific couple (thank you Laura & Jeff) and the owner Rocky Shanehsaz gave us a phenomenal tour.   

  • Who doesn't need a "1-minute makeover"?  
  • Private Chef of Beverly Hills is probably one of the most realistic reality shows I have ever seen.  If you want to know how to "think on the spot" and come up with creative solutions quickly - you should set your DVR to record a few episodes of this show.  
  • I am making plans to go see this exhibit at the IMA - one of my absolute favorite event venues in the city. 
And, I will leave you with a budget-friendly, event resource...
  • Luna Bazaar is every event planner's treasure box.  If you know about it - you know it is more than wonderful.  If you don't - go shopping! 
Boldly Yours,

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