Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Coffee

Happy Halloween!  I spent today celebrating an upcoming wedding by attending a bridal shower (congrats Monica and Jayson!), shopping with my sis and creating BCE packets for new clients.  It was a wonderful Sunday...and I love checking off "to-do" list items.

So, though I typically sit down with my glossies on Sunday with my didn't pan out that way this weekend.  But, last night I had the chance to review some of the items I had received in the mail and wanted to share some finds.  So, here goes...

Gloves are all over the bridal scene.  I love the come back of an oldie but a goodie.

Table Tops for Tots is a local company that you should know about.  Especially if you are a parent.  

I know this is off course, but I am getting pretty pumped about my trip here in just six weeks.

Because I know the feeling of living in tight quarters, I love this idea of Flowers in a Can.  

And, finally - here are 8 wedding reception ideas that will make your guests say "that party was awesome!" (article from New York Weddings, Summer 2010)

1.  Have a food truck instead of a caterer.
2.  Have awesome karaoke, on purpose.
3.  Ride a bike to the reception.
4.  Dress as the bride of Frankenstein (not sure about this one...)
5.  Book a circus performer.
6.  Build a big bonfire.
7.  Borrow from other ethnical traditions.
8.  Give guests a cool piece of art.

To read the whole article, which is such a fun read, click here.

Time for a little R&R before another busy-but-great BCE week.

Boldly Yours,

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