Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 Party Predictions

2011 is so close I can taste it (I.heart.champagne.)!  And, with a new year comes new party trends!  Just for fun, here are my predictions for what will be seen next year in the event world (remind me to come back to this post 1 year from now to see how close I was!):
  • Neutrals and Naturals.  I think it will be another year full of soft tones and colors.  
Photo from Wedding Paper Divas

  • Romance.  I think the days of bright and bold are still around, but 2011 will be more about a romantic setting when it comes to weddings. Think "Shakespeare in Love".
Photo from Landlocked Bride
  • Texture.  Color will slowly fade in importance and texture will come into play.  Through linens, decor accents, invitations and even food, I think we will see some really great events full of this.
Photo from Dolce Press

  • Local.  The economy has forced us all to work closely with local resources for whatever it is that we need.  I think this will be a huge trend in 2011 for anyone planning a celebration.  And, I think vendors will be very generous toward their dedicated customers.
  • Smaller guest lists.  2011 will be the year of more intimate parties and celebrations.
  • Luxe Dessert Bars.  Amy Atlas has set the stage for fabulous sweets tables, and I think in 2011 everyone is going to try to take their hand at recreating these beauties!
Photo from Amy Atlas
  • Tulle and Ruffles.  As much as these two things scare me, I think I might run into it in 2011.  When you begin seeing it on the runways, chances are it will show up at events everywhere.  But, again, when done correctly it can be stunning.  And, I have to admit, I just love the weightless effect!
Photo from Martha Stewart

Photo from Factory Direct Craft

Whatever you are planning for 2011, I hope it if fabulous and exactly as you imagine. And, if you have any predictions for the new year, we would love to hear them!

Boldly Yours,

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