Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Destination Event Essentials

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More and more celebrations are taking place away from home.  And, why not?  There are so many beautiful places to party!  But, there are a few items to remember if you are planning a destination event.  Most importantly, you should follow these simple steps when it comes to your guests and this special vacation:

1.  The six week rule does not qualify in this case.  It simply just isn't enough time for guests to make arrangements for the trip.  Save the Dates MUST be used for destination events.  These must be sent at least six months ahead of time.  The actual invite can be sent about twelve weeks prior.

2.  Planning Packages are much appreciated.  Once you know a guest is coming, send them a small package with pertinent information regarding the event location.  Squeeze in something fun, like a beautiful photo of the scenery they will experience during their trip.  You can also get them excited by creating your own personal list of "must see & do" for them to review.

3.  Welcome Bags/Baskets are a must.  Keep in mind that your guests will be visiting a new place.  Make them feel comfortable by providing the items you know you would want on hand.  And, repeat some of the information you provided in their Planning Package, in case they forgot theirs.

4.  Create a special thank you on site.  (I completely stole this idea from the great Colin Cowie!) Arrange a special thank you token to be placed on your guests' pillows during turndown service at the hotel or resort.  A handwritten note is the perfect surprise that will truly make them feel special and loved.

5.  Be considerate through the entire process.  Though I usually tell clients that it is "their day and their way", that rule might need to be broken with destination affairs.  That isn't to say that you can't still have most things the way you want them, but just keep in mind the kind of time your guests have taken to make it to your event.  They have truly gone above and beyond to spend this special time with you - and you should try to do the same.

There are many other tidbits to share when it comes to destination affairs - but we will save those for another time.  If you ever need assistance with your far away event, please don't hesitate to contact Boldly Chic Events.

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