Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Party Timing

Deciding on the time to start a party is something that is more important than most people think.  With parties all around us right now, I thought I would share some pointers on choosing the right Party Time.

  • Consider the different ages of guests, as well as the relationships between the guests.  Sometimes, a two-phase celebration is more appropriate when there is a large gap in ages or relationships.
  • Double check on arrangements with the venue and other vendors.  Many times they will only work with you at certain times during the day, and for only a certain number of hours.
  • Decide what is most feasible to provide in terms of food and drink.  If light snacks and beverages are more doable, be sure to start the soiree much sooner or much later than a "normal" meal time.
  • Understand that people will show up late and leave early.  It is the name of the game.
  • Work backwards.  What time would you prefer the party to end?  If you know that you need things to wrap up at a certain time, count back 4-5 hours and that should be your start hour.
  • Don't discount early-in-the-day parties - they are coming back in style!
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