Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Don't forget the Kids!

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Kid-free events are great, but sometimes you want the little ones there with you as you celebrate something special.  But, what interests them (and keeps their attention) is not beautiful decor, great speeches, gourmet catering or an outrageously delicious piece of cake (okay maybe that last one is an exception!).  So, keep them happy - and add just one more creative touch to your event.  Here are some great ideas...

Arts & Crafts: If you are using a theme for your event, play off that to create a fun (and somewhat long-lasting) arts and craft project.  Be sure to use limited, non-messy materials.  

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Kid Kits: Buy inexpensive backpacks and fill them with fun things that the kids will love.  Books, toys, healthy snacks are all acceptable.  Place them on their chairs - and they will be happily surprised and occupied while you dance the night away with your guests.

Placemats: Just like Pizza Hut when you were younger, create upscale placemats that the kids can color on during dinner and toasts.  

Games in a Pail: Create a cute bucket or container in the middle of the table for the kids to grab from.  You can fill it will age appropriate card games, checkers, coloring books, crayons, etc.

Personalize: Use the names of each child at their place settings or on their kits - because they all want to feel special!  You can do this with paint or stickers as a DIY project or order online through several vendors.

Finally, keep your design in mind and don't give it up just because you are creating a kids area/table.  Ask your designer or planner to keep it chic but perfect for those little ones.  

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