Friday, January 14, 2011

Roll that video!

Many of my clients struggle with whether or not to invest in a videographer for their special event.  I always vote "YES!" if it is feasible within the budget.  There are just certain moments at every important life event that only video can capture.  

But, as with everything else in the world of events, there are different types of videography to choose from.  The main two are documentary-style and cinematic-style.    Documentaries record the events as they unfold - with more of a sequenced show.  The cinematic video has more movie-ish features and tells a story.  Most talented videographers can handle and use both of these styles.

Choosing a videographer can be difficult in markets where there are so many great ones available.  But, to help you narrow it down, here is what I suggest:

1.  Review their work online.  Any well-respected professional will have ample samples of recent work available on their website.

2.  Check your comfort level.  If you don't feel 100% at ease when you meet with a videographer, chances are your gut is trying to tell you something.  Always, always go with your first instinct.  {sounds like something from a Lifetime movie!}

3.  Ask them how they typically work on the day of your event.  Do they work with the photographer to make sure no one is getting in any one's way?  Will they be extra careful not to get in the way of your guests?  

4.  Be the director.  By this I mean that you are hiring a camera man {with major talent} to catch those shots that are important to you.  Be sure the person you are hiring is willing to take direction from you, the one who is paying him.  They should really understand what you want out of your movie when it is done, while still being able to use their talent and film making skills to create an awesome show.

5.  Know the final format selection.  Be sure to ask the videographer what the format will be for the final movie.  You want to be clear on this so that you know exactly how it will be distributed to you.  And, ask about turnaround time once your event concludes.  Remember that there is a ton of editing, so weeks and months are not unreasonable time periods depending of the length of film you have selected.

6.  Learn about their equipment.  Will microphones be necessary?  Will they need lighting for any reason?  How many cameras do they typically bring?  Curiosity helps you understand exactly how they will be working, and helps you plan for a much smoother event.

Selecting any vendor for a special occasion is tough - because you want it to be perfect.  But, if you carefully move through the process, asking the right questions and making sure you are happy with the answers - things will likely be even more beautiful than you imagined. 

Boldly Yours,

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