Thursday, January 6, 2011

Something Yummy for Everyone

Party favors seem to have recently become "optional" in the eyes of the party-thrower.  But, I think if you can afford the cost and have the time, they should still be a part of your event.  I am not one for tradition, but I think this one should be kept (but updated).  

However, how many times have your been a guest who hated the favor and tossed it right into the garbage.  Harsh? Yes.  True? Yes.

So, instead, I always revert back to edible favors.  Keep them super chic and super unique and you will get an awesome reaction from your guests.  Here are just a few ideas that fit that order:

Be creative (as always!) and do something that you love - something that represents you and that you would love for your guests to get a taste of...

Boldly Yours,

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