Saturday, January 22, 2011

Super Bowl Party Done Right

I am all about a Super Bowl party...and not just because of the football game.  But, if you are going to throw one, you should do it right.  Here is my recipe for a winning (and super yummy) Super Bowl Sunday...

Ingredient #1: Sofa-friendly Munchies should include items that can be made in advance and cause little-to-zero mess.  Ideas include:
  • Hot Wings with Blue Cheese Dip
  • Parmesan or other savory-flavored Popcorns
  • Your favorite Chili
  • Go Team Miniature Cupcakes

Ingredient #2: Delicious Drinks.  Ideas include:
  • Old fashioned root beers
  • Your favorite Microbrewed Beer (maybe one from the team's homestate that you are cheering for)
  • White Wine (red might not look so good if spilled on your favorite piece of furniture)
  • Margaritas!
Ingredient #3: Music to get you pumped before the game clock starts.  I lean toward tunes 
                           from the 80's!

Ingredient #4: Subtle decor to bring it all together.  Ideas include:
  • Custom napkins with your team's name printed on
  • Custom coasters
  • Flags for cupcakes that say "Go Team!"
  • Wheatgrass centerpiece with a football laying on top 
  • Colored bowls and glasses that match your favorite team's jerseys
Ingredient #5:  A good flow between the television and the food.  You don't want guests walking in front of the TV just to refill their plate for the fifth time.  Layouts are important - especially since no one will want to miss a play!  If you have a coffee table make use of it for serving all your food and drinks so no one has to leave the room.

Have fun planning your game day get together and cheering on your favorite team!

Boldly Yours,

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