Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reinventing the Bachelorette Party

I think reinventing traditions is important - especially as the age of engaged couples continues to rise.  Bachelorette parties will always be about having fun with the girls and enjoying your "last" single night/day out.  

I recently came across this blog posting and am admittedly re-using these ideas (but adding some local, Indy advice) because they are that great!  Thank you Elizabeth Anne Designs! 

So, here are some unique ways to celebrate without the silly outfits and embarrassing games (but those things are still fun too!):

Bed & Breakfast
Complete with Welcome Bags and a relaxing cocktail hour, you will be able to spend quality time with the women that mean the most to you.  And, most importantly, relaxation will truly play out.  Choose one that is far enough away from home - but close enough that you don't feel like it is a big trip that you have to stress about and prepare for.  The biggest pro is that any B&B will be happy to make it the perfect night or weekend for you girls.  Ask and you will probably receive.  The Yellow Rose Inn in Indy is a great option for this.

Cooking Class & Dinner
How fun would it be to share and interactive class with your girlfriends?  I think the laughs will be all around and the jokes will fly throughout the room.  Make sure to reserve the place to yourself and request a meal that you know everyone will enjoy.  A Cut Above Catering in Carmel can even come to your home - making it even more comfy and cozy for you and your friends.

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Decorating Class
Whether you hire a local decorator to come and share tips or a florist to provide hands on activities and tricks, create a fun experience that will, again, provide a ton of laughter and inside-joke building.  Make sure it is something that the bride loves and also that everyone leaves with a little something to remember the night.  I recommend contacting your favorite interior designer or florist and asking them if they would be part of your special party.

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Wine Tasting
There are a ton of wonderful wineries in the Indy area, and I happen to be personally biased toward this idea (due to my LOVE of wine).  Choose your favorite winery, gather the girls and snack on cheeses and appetizers while you try (and don't skimp) on all the wine.  Arrange for special transportation so that you can fully indulge! Easley and Chateau Thomas are great wineries in the Indy area.

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Yoga Class & Spa Treatments
This might be too relaxing for the age-old way of bachelorette parties - but if you are a chill bride, and you really just want to put your feet up with a glass of your favorite drink, this is the way to do it.  End the night with movies and popcorn in your PJ's surrounded by all your very best pals.  Amanda Markland provides private yoga lessons across our city and I highly recommend La Dolce Spa in Carmel for private, unique spa parties.

The great thing about coming up with ideas like these is that they can also be used for bridal showers or to celebrate other special events.  Have fun with your party and be sure to make it perfect for you!

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