Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Coffee

Only a few hours until Valentine's Day!  I know some people just aren't that into it...but I am the extreme opposite.  I love flowers, chocolate and my I have no issues with this holiday.  And, so many couples get engaged on February 14th each year - and you know I love weddings too!  

Maybe these V-day inspirations will get you in the spirit...

What a wonderful gift for all the females you love!

No one special in your life?  Then this is the perfect gift to yourself!

Now this is my idea of a SWEETheart table!  

Colin Cowie gave some great "Sexy up Your Home" tips last week on NBC's Today Show.  Watch the video here.

I can't wait to celebrate tomorrow with my sweetie - he is taking me to the new winery on our side of town.  YUM!

Even though I don't like cake (at all), the man definitely does.  I think this cute idea is great anytime of the year, but especially on Valentines Day - it's cake in a cup!

Whatever you are doing to celebrate, make sure to indulge just a little!  I know I sure will...

Boldly Yours,

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