Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Coffee

It is Sunday and I am sippin' on the Joe and thinking about these amazing finds....
Could a camping-themed baby shower get any cuter than this?  Jesi Haack and JL Designs never cease to amaze me.

I heard about this new cafe & art gallery in Carmel and plan to check it out very soon!  

I know this is totally not the venue to be ranting about my favorite reality shows...but, I just can't help myself!  Another group of housewives are arriving on Bravo this week and I have the TiVo ready to go. I am ready to meet the ladies of Miami!

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Have you heard about Midwest Fashion Week? It is happening very soon and it is taking place right here in Indy!  You can find the complete schedule here.  Fellow alphachick, Stephanie Williams, will be showcasing her line on March 13th.  If you haven't heard of Blue Eyes and Bare Feet you should!

This breaking news is all over my social media today...
.....the Royal Wedding Invitation has been revealed!  I am not seeing the royal-ness at all but am curious to know what everyone else is thinking.  I am actually kind of hoping this is a false release and the real one is FABULOUS!
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Finally, after that hodgepodge of a post, don't forget about next Sunday's Your Formal Affair Bridal Show.  This really will be a show full of unique (and seriously fun) vendors and we hope to meet some really special couples. 

Boldly Yours,

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