Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Coffee

This weekend was spent out of town and away from my desk.  Oh how I missed it.  I must say that I have one of the best jobs...because it simply doesn't FEEL like a job at all.  But, we all need a break now and again.  So, I did try to enjoy my time off...with good friends and good drinks.  

But, I am back at it again tomorrow as we prepare for Lindsey and Robert's big day on March 12th.  We can't wait to see them celebrating with friends and family!

Here are a few other things we are smiling about as this weekend comes to a close...

Carmel Travel Company is making it super easy for all our couples who are booking honeymoon or destination weddings.  Thanks, Melisa!

There are just some sites I can.not get enough of...and THIS is one of them.

Local bridal store, Blue House Bridal, is hosting some great upcoming trunk shows.  Be sure to follow them here to make your reservation.

Have you heard of NewlyWish?  You need to check it out if you are recently engaged.

I hope you all have a gorgeous week!

Boldly Yours,

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