Monday, March 14, 2011

Throwing an Office Bash

Okay, okay...I slacked on the Sunday Coffee post this week.  But, I wanted to make it up by having a great  Monday morning post.  And, because much of what I blog about it wedding-focused, I thought I would change it up a bit and talk about corporate bashes.  I so enjoy the clients I work with that need help throwing that perfect office party.  This one is for them (and others!):

Planning the perfect shindig for your coworkers can be intimidating.  After all, you have to look them in the face the next day, whether things go wonderfully or horribly.  And, you never want to lose friends in the workplace. That said, here are some easy pointers to pull it off with glowing feedback:

1. Invites go a long way in the office, and they get people excited.  Don't even think about sending a mass email with zero personality.  Get creative and festive - and include some teasers about the prizes, menu, etc.

2.  Treat it like your own party.  Close your eyes and pretend you are planning this for your friends and family in your own home.  It will make the difference, trust me.  

3.  Have a "welcome" plan.  Greet guests as they arrive and let them know where the food and drinks are, as well as any other important (FUN) details happening inside the party.  People like direction in situations like these - otherwise they start wondering "what are we supposed to be doing?".

4.  Plan activities in which EVERYONE everyone can participate without embarrassment.  Company themed trivia always gets good participation.

5.  Do not have lame prizes.  Stop with the logo-ed lunch boxes and mouse pads.  Be honest with yourself and revert back to #2 above.

6.  Create a fab menu.  Again, go back to #2.  And, stay away from the messy things that you know you will have to clean up later.

7.  No cash bars, PLEASE!

8.  If you must decorate, please refrain from using crate paper.  I just had to add this tip for my own sanity.  (disclosure: crate paper can be used to create a beautiful event, but rarely is it executed correctly - call the pros if you feel you must incorporate it)

After everything, Rule #2 is what I always revert back to when it comes to office get- togethers.  You team will appreciate you using this mindset as well.

Finally, be sure you take time to enjoy the party yourself and that you hire all the right professionals to allow that to happen.

Boldly Yours,

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