Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Engagement Pics 101

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Your engagement photos are like a stamp on the fact that it is really happening - you are getting MARRIED! You will be giddy just getting ready for this important photo session.  So, here are five quick tips to remember when planning for these with your photographer...

1) Don't over think the wardrobe.  Forget about dressing identically and, instead, think about complimenting each other.  That means choosing colors that go well together, fit the season and fit you, as a couple.  

2)  Location should be everything.  Work with your photographer to pick a place that is special to you and your fiance.  It might be your hometown, the place of your first date or even your favorite restaurant.  Permission might be needed at certain venues, but most management teams are always happy to be part of such a special time for a couple.
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3)  Don't wait until the last minute.  If possible, get your engagement photos taken at least six months prior to your big day.  This gives you time to utilize the photos on save the dates, your wedding website and also create any items that will incorporate the photos on your wedding day.

4)  Be real and be personal.  Shyness can be a tough hurdle for couples in front of the camera, but you want to display your love in a real and appropriate way.  You want people to see the happiness and heartfelt feelings through the snapshots.  Don't be afraid to have fun together while the camera is flashing away! (yes, that means some kissing and hand holding!)

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5)  Use the web for inspiration and don't be afraid to tell your photographer what YOU want.  They want you to be happy and you should always speak up if you have a photo idea you want to try.  Props, hidden spots and fun poses are usually always welcomed by photographers - and it will make your shoot extra unique! 

By keeping these tips in mind, your pics will be beautiful and the experience will be memorable!

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