Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First Dance Song - How do I Choose?

The "first dance" is a wedding aspect that has certainly evolved in the last couple decades.  I do not think my mom and dad got down the way some couples are doing today.  And, I definitely don't think they choreographed it to the nines!

But, choreographing aside, here are some song selection guidelines a Boldly Chic Bride should consider when hunting for the perfect song:

1.  Don't go crazy and over think it, but consider the appropriateness, etc.  No one wants to hear about the way your groom will caress you into the night.  Seriously.

2.  Think about your favorite romantic movie and the soundtrack that goes with it.  You will probably find the perfect tune.

3.  Pick something that is close to your own story as a couple.  Listen to the lyrics all the way through.

4.  Always know that while songs have an original artist, you may like the way another singer performs it.  Search around until you find the absolute right version for you and your fiance.  

5.  Think about the rhythm and beat.  Do you want a faster-paced song or something slower?    A mix of the two is always fun too!

6.  If you have a live band, consider the idea of a acoustic version of your selected song.

7.  Include your fiance in the selection process.  Or at least try.

Have fun picking your song and have even more fun dancing to it on your big day!

Boldly Yours,

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