Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Coffee

Well...I feel sort of silly not posting a single blog last week.  But, I plan to make this week's SC extra special to make up for it!

First, I am a very busy bee planning for the fast approaching Indy Soiree.  Not only is this event going to inspire you party-throwers, but it is going to be different than any other "show" you have been to.  Each vendor will host an interactive display - allowing you to truly take away sound advice, tips and ideas.  I.can.not.wait.  This is going to be so fun - and I may need to leave my table area to visit all the other great professionals in the room!  If you still don't know about this fun event, here are the deets:

Secondly, I love my subscription to Cooking Light...and though it is typically totally non-related to my business life, there was an article in the latest issue that I just have to mention...The Amazing One-Hour Dinner Party.  Who doesn't love a party plan spelled out for them?!  You need to find the issue and buy it - totally worth the cash.  

This little treasure is coming to national magazine stands soon....and you know I will have my fingerprints all over it!  
I am also getting very excited about my upcoming Royal Wedding Viewing Party!  I am hosting several of my event-business girlies as we view the party over spa treatments, breakfast cocktails and bites.  I am dying to see this wedding and all the little trends that will come directly from it.  I vote hats, but I am not sure if Indy is ready for that just yet...

Check out this adorable "Royal Wedding" party design...

Last, but certainly not least, I must say that my very talented sister had some great advice on her blog this morning that is many times forgotten.  Manners are key when you are planning a wedding...

Enjoy your Sunday and have a great week!

Boldly Yours,

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