Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Coffee

Happy Mother's Day!  I had the most amazing weekend with my MIL and mother.  I love this holiday!  Shopping and great meals with two wonderful women make for a perfect weekend.

To keep it short and sweet this week, and very mom-focused, here are some of my fun finds:

Martha Stewart did this baby shower perfectly...the book-themed event for a new mom is such a great, sophisticated idea.  I heart all the tiny details.

Indianapolis does Mother's Day right...when next year rolls around, remember these sites to give you an idea of activities around the city to do with your mama!

Indianapolis Downtown, Inc
Doing Indy
Indy Star

I love this idea...decide which celebrity your mother is most like - and choose a gift that fits her celebrity personality!  So fun!

Okay...lots and lots and lots of event planning going on in this office so, back to work for me!

Have a beautiful week!

Boldly Yours,

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