Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Crafting the Details

Today in the office I was feeling a little crafty, so who did I turn to? Martha Stewart, of course. I found some pretty great things that I love!

Scratch and Save the Date Card

For anyone who is getting married soon and still needs to send out save-the-date cards, how fun are these. You can download the design at and print it on card stock. Then combine one part dish soap with two parts metallic acrylic paint... and voila! Once the paint dries, mail the card with a "lucky" penny for scratching. 

Washi Tape Votives

How simple and inexpensive are these "custom" candle votives. All you need is washi tape, which you can find inexpensively at a scrapbook store or online and some votives. Then, just wrap the tape around the votive. This is a great example of how one small detail can change the overall look and feel of your event. 

Bringing Back Memories

Remember how popular Mad Libs used to be? Well, here is a fun way to incorporate your guests thoughts at the reception and also have a creative & unique guestbook at the end of the night. You can download the template at Then, roll the personalized Mad Lib, tie it with a ribbon, attach a mini pencil to it and place it at every place setting. This will give your guests a great opportunity to break the ice or just simply laugh out loud with one another. 

Truly Shabby Chic

How beautiful does this table look? The best part about it... all of the vases are made out of things you most likely have around the house. Notice the one all the way on the right... it is a sugar container! You can pick up cheap glassware from places like Ikea, Hobby Lobby, or even garage sales. Once you gather a large amount of glassware, pick up some matte white spray paint and cover with two or three coats. The previous house hold items will be turned into beautiful porcelain looking vases at a fraction of the cost.

Thank You Postcards

The final thought of the day...ready for it? Picture thank you postcards. Notice the outfits they are wearing? How great right! I love this unique twist on something that has been done for years. The picture adds an extra touch of personalization and will make all of the guest smile when they remember your wedding day.

Boldly Yours,

PS: Visit us at the upcoming IGH Show on August 24th and see some of this crafting in action!

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