Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I have to pay for WHAT?!

Keeping your bridesmaids happy throughout the wedding planning process can be draining.   But, it is extremely easy to keep things under control and, while you can't keep everyone happy, you can at least avoid any major upsets over money, hideous-ness, etc..  Here's how...

1)  Do all that you can to choose a dress that is reasonably priced.  That doesn't mean sacrificing a style that you love, but it may mean doing a little shopping around.  (who doesn't love to shop!?)

2)  Consider letting your attendants choose their own dress.  Set some ground rules (color, length, etc.) and let them run with it.  Giving up some control can feel really great, trust me.

3)  Don't worry about being matchy-matchy with what the guys are wearing.  Instead, ask yourself "what will compliment their outfits?"  When in doubt, dress those boys in neutrals and you will be set!

4)  Try to be sensitive to the shape and size of your bridesmaids.  Everyone is not built the same and you know that.  Work to create a scenario that will make everyone feel great and comfortable.  You want happy ladies next to you on your wedding day.  

5)  Don't feel obligated to help pay for each maid's dress - but, if you are lucky enough to be able - chip in where you can.  

6)  Remember the extras - hair, makeup, shoes, accessories.  Be up front with what you are providing and what you can help arrange for each girl.  If you are going to set strict rules for these items, you are crossing over to the "bride is paying for" category.  Leave it open-ended if you aren't willing to drop some money to insure they "stick to the rules."

At the end of the day, remember that these are your closest friends and that on their wedding day you will be in their shoes.  Oh...and take them to see (or rent when it become available) this light-hearted, hysterical movie!  Recommended by yours truly.

Boldly Yours,

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