Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Coffee

Yesterday, BCE couple Emily & Matt married at Kelley Historical Farm in Sharpsville, Indiana.  Their ceremony was absolutely gorgeous and they were surrounded by such joyous family and friends.  I have been working with the bride and her mother, Margaret for many months to create a true rustic, anthro-style affair on this beautiful property.  

After the ceremony, guests were invited into the barn and dining tent to enjoy hors d'ouevres and cold drinks provided by Shoup's Catering.  bobbi+mike were capturing all the events on camera and also keeping a close eye on the weather (storms were brewing!).  As the rain began to fall, we were feeling happy that they still got to have the outdoor ceremony they wanted.  Unfortunately, as dinner came to an end and toasts began, the dangerous storm took over and we had to evacuate the tent and ask the 270 guests to crowd into the round barn.  Minutes afterward, the beautifully decorated tent (thank you David, from The Empty Vase!) collapsed due to 70+ mph winds.  Minutes after that, we lost all power.  

Needless to say, the evening did come to an abrupt end but the bride and groom (and their family and friends) were graceful in every sense of the word.  This was truly one of the most surreal moments of my career and something I will never forget.  I learned from and cherish this family so much and I know that in the end, it was a true blessing that no one was injured and everyone got home safely.

After everything, there were still so many beautiful moments and memories captured from the day, and I hope to share those as soon as they become available.  

So, today I am recovering and thinking about the experience.  Though it is never easy for a planner to see hard work end this way, I know that our work was appreciated and that we handled everything as best as we could.  Thank you to Emily & Matt and the family, for letting us play a part in such an important day.  You will always have a special place in our book!

Boldly Yours, 

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