Friday, July 1, 2011

Planning a Holiday Weekend Wedding

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In the spirit of this weekend's red, white & blue celebrations - here are some quick tips when planning a wedding around a popular holiday...

1)  Book Early.  Venues and vendors book up FAST for the holidays - whether for personal or business affairs, don't assume they are as readily available as they usually are.

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2) Ask about decor.  Venues will many time decorate their facility according to the holiday at hand.  Be sure to ask about this when booking so that you can decorate appropriately around this or make arrangements for it to be removed for your special day.

3) Spread the word.  As soon as you can, let guests know to mark their calendars.  Many families use long, holiday weekends for vacations or other personal trips.  That said, you want to make sure they know about your wedding and that they have the opportunity to make it!  Save the dates are always needed for holiday weekend weddings!

4) Incorporate the holiday!  Since guests will be spending time with you around a popular holiday, have fun with the traditions surrounding that particular holiday and incorporate those into your event.  So, for instance, if you are hosting your wedding around Christmas Day, serve roast turkey and stuffing with cranberry sauce and give each guest a gingerbread cookie or stuff miniature stockings as favors.  They will love the way you tied together the two special occasions! 

5) Consider the costs - for your guests!  Yes, you might get a killer deal because it is a holiday weekend (or you might not!) - but always consider the costs associated with travel and lodging for your out-of-town guests.  Make sure you don't overlook anything since airports, roads and hotels will be much busier around any holiday. 

Holiday wedding weekend's can be a lot of fun - so always work WITH the weekend and not AGAINST it!  The results will be much better and your planning will go much smoother!

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