Friday, August 12, 2011

Memories That Will Last a Lifetime

Today is it... my last day at BCE. What a wonderful and enjoyable summer it has been. I have learned a ton that I will be able to take away with me. I have had an absolute blast working with Lori and all of the BCE clients. I wanted to share with everyone my top ten memories of the summer as my final farewell! Let the countdown begin...

10. Spending time with the BCE mascot, Harley-  One of the best parts of this internships is spending time with the furry super cute black cat. He has won the hearts of all the women here. If you are ever having a bad day, Harley is there to brighten your day! He is truly the best!

9. Creating design boards- One of my favorite things to do around here is to create design boards for clients or events BCE is doing. I love taking the client's vision and creating it a reality. Here are just two of the ones I put together this summer...

8. Launch Parties- This summer I was lucky enough to attend three launch parties for various Indianapolis companies new to the event planning industry. I learned that St. Germain Cocktail is one of my new favorite drinks, along with dry ice popcorn balls. Yum. I highly suggest both. It was a great opportunity to meet fellow companies in the industry.

7. Working with all of the clients- One of the most rewarding things is to work with the clients on their big day. All summer I have worked with the best couples and mother of the brides. Many hours have been clocked planning for the wedding day, which in turn has allowed me to create a wonderful relationship with the families. 

6. Visiting different venues- One of the biggest perks of this internship is that everyday is different. I loved when we got to visit new venues. This summer I have seen D'Amore, Milltop, JW Marriott, and Park Tutor just to name a few. All of them have been very different, but absolutely beautiful. The visions that could be created there are endless.

5. Seeing everything come together- I came in on the middle to end of all of the planning for the weddings this summer, but seeing the hard work put into them and the end result has been the most rewarding feeling. Seeing the smiling faces on the bride and groom along with all of the family members is just priceless. All of the hard work is forgotten at that moment. 

4. Indy Style- BCE received an amazing opportunity to be a part of the stylizing for the Snappening segment on Indy Style. It was my first time on a TV set, and let me just say how cool it was. I love knowing what goes on behind the scenes, and this was my perfect opportunity to see it all. Lori and I had a blast creating and designing ideas to "Beat the Heat" at a summer outdoor event. 

3. Surviving the Tornado- This summer BCE was blessed to work with a wonderful family, the Wickerts. They will always hold a special place in my heart. This was my second wedding this summer and by far the most memorable. The wedding venue and ceremony was at the beautiful Kelley Historic Farms. Unfortunately, the reception was cut short due to disastrous weather which took out the tent and power. Thankfully, everyone was okay.

2. Working with Lori- I first took this internship because event planning was my true passion and one of my gifts. Well... little did I know at the time I would find an amazing mentor, boss, and friend. Lori has taught me so much this summer and has given me knowledge to grow personally and professionally. I have truly had the best experience this summer all thanks to her. She is the greatest!

Drum roll please... Here is the last one

1. Wedding day! Did anyone guess it? Of course the most memorable moments are on the big day. Here at BCE we live for wedding day. All of the weddings this summer were very different style wise, but all had a few things in common... amazing families and love. This summer was full of great moments to laugh, cry, and be thankful. The emotions are one of the best parts of the day!

Well this is goodbye for now. Thank you to all of our wonderful clients for making this the best summer possible!

Boldly Yours,

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