Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No Alcohol?! So what!?

I have to give credit to my dear friend, Chelsea, who contacted me recently to ask me for "ideas on how to create a celebratory atmosphere without the booze."  It is completely doable and incredibly easy to still put together a fun, exciting event without a loaded bar.  

And, listen, I am usually first in line to that bar, but if there isn't one - I still know how to have a good time! So, to keep it simple and easy, here are some solutions if you are sweating at the thought of keeping your soiree liquor-free for whatever reason:

1)  Stop worrying.  You must have a legitimate reason for hosting a bash with no bar and that is that.  Instead, as I always say, embrace it.  Find ideas to tie in fun drinks in other ways.  Create a drink station that allows guests to build something fancy without the alcohol.  Flavored syrups, ice or straws are always a fun addition.
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2) Consider hosting an earlier affair.  Brunches are back in style and are as fabulous as ever.  As I told my friend, Chelsea - fizzy brunch drinks in a champagne flute always feel fancy and make for great photos!  

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3) Focus on the food.  Create an incredible menu...that keeps going and gets better throughout the event.  Work with your caterer to build a food timeline that keeps the surprises coming!
Photo by www.greerloves.blogspot.com
Photo by www.greerloves.blogspot.com
4)  Music is key and much needed - so don't skimp in that department!  You may even consider hiring some sort of entertainment to break up the party and create a great memory for your guests.

5) Though guests shouldn't expect alcohol at any event they are invited to attend (but we are all guilty of this!), it may be a good idea to let your closest friends/family know that your party will be "dry."  Word of mouth is fine and you can let them know in passing.  

Regardless of how you decide to incorporate or not incorporate alcohol in your special event, it is important to consider the culture we live in...but, never over think it or make it too complicated.  The chances are huge that your party will still be a huge hit either way!

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