Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Coffee

*SIGH* That NYC vacation was amazing, energizing and exactly what I needed.  My job is near perfect, but everyone needs time away to be inspired, recharged and completely removed from the day-in-and-out things that you become so routined to...

So, with all my new ideas screaming inside my head, I am slowly coming back down to earth and focusing on the upcoming fall weddings that lie ahead.  And, the season will be here before I know it!  

First things first - our thoughts go out to those that were injured and the families that lost a loved one in the State Fair tragedy last night.  I can't stress enough how scary weather can make a truly exciting time/event and turn it in to something that is as unfortunate as this.  

Secondly, on a lighter note, there are only a few days left to VOTE for us as one of the best planners in the city.  So, if you have a second, please help us stay on top this year!  Here is the place to visit and place your vote!

What else am I loving?  

Only because I am a Housewives fan through and through, this new show is on my list to check out this week.  I love adding this kind of thing to my DVR lineup...

This article by Preston Bailey says it all.  And, I can't say it enough either - it can very expensive be to build a venue from scratch.  I may even divulge more in another, separate blog on this topic. 

Though I am a vintage design girl at heart, I still get chills over bling affairs.  And I say out with the old silver cake stands and in with crystals hanging every where!  Like this....:)
Photo by

As you know, I love a good gift idea and these fun, modern pillowcases sing "engagement gift" to my ears.  LOVE.
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This week is full of catch-up items, meetings with good friends/colleagues and lots of planning for 2012.  And - I couldn't be more thrilled to take on all of it!  Sometimes I could just hug and kiss my job to pieces!

I hope and wish you the very best week, too!

Boldly Yours,

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