Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Coffee

The 21st of August!? I just can't believe it is almost Labor Day!  But, with that comes a fall full of fabulous, unique and very special BCE I am definitely looking forward to that.

There is still plenty of warmth outside, though, so don't forget to get your favorite people together for a few more outdoor meals and fun.  Elle Decor has some great tips and recommends a great book to inspire you when preparing.
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My brother-in-law was in town this weekend for a friend's wedding and he told me about a venue I had not heard of before.  Though it is a little far south, I think those that are seeking an outdoor venue for 2012 should visit this apple orchard to see what they have to offer. 
I found these photos on the blog of Jenna Davis - - of a wedding that took place on the orchard earlier this year.  The entire set of shots can be found HERE.

I am ALWAYS drawn to the southern lifestyle - though I am not sure I could ever live south. But, the traditions of being the perfect host are just so remarkable that it is something I love to learn about.  In the most recent issue of Southern Living, Alfresco Dining is the described and the perfect steps to creating your special event are spelled out wonderfully.  Love this article and the beautiful photos that go along with it...

Finally, I am putting the last touches on the BCE display for this week's Indy Getting Hitched Premiere Party and Bridal Show.  If you are an Indy Bride - be sure to bring your friends, mom and groom (there will be a pretty amazing MAN CAVE!) to this fun event.  There will be live entertainment (Living Proof!), great food (and a food truck!) and loads of great giveaways.  If you still haven't purchased your ticket and want to be my guest, leave a comment below and I will get you a ticket right away!  Oh, and don't forget about our little contest that will be going on that day...

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