Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Coffee

Hello!  I haven't posted a true, traditional SC blog in what feels like forever.  So, today I am back at it.

Yesterday we enjoyed our final September wedding of 2011 with the new Mr. and Mrs. Bunn!  The day was packed full and flew I wasn't able to grab any photos to share.  But, the amazing Lauren Weghorst promised to share in the coming weeks!  I can't wait to see!  We were also so grateful and lucky to work with the amazing staff at the IHS on the canal downtown and the MBP Catering Team!

Today, I have this huge smile on my face since I know that we are hours away from the Red Carpet action that is the Emmy's.  Can't wait.

And, finally, as I enjoy a short R.and.R and catch up on my magazine and blog is what else I am loving on this Sunday AM...

Hot Chocolate on a Stick!  It is starting to feel like fall out there and these would make great party favors or fun addition to your next get-together!
We are thrilled to be a part of the 2012 Art of the Table which will be held on March 4th at the Columbia Club in downtown Indianapolis.  Whether you are a designer or someone who wants to be inspired by beautiful tablescapes, mark your calendars and find out all the details here!

Backdrops are becoming a huge must for ceremony's, dessert bars and other aspects of events.  And, it doesn't always need to cost a fortune.  I love these garlands for so many reasons and I think you will too!

I am just positive that several of BCE's brides would love these cake servers and knifes incorporated into their day!  I am digging them myself...

And, as old as this post is that I stumbled across...I just had to share.  Check out this "McFancy" experiment!

That was quite the jumble of stuff...but that is what our Sunday Coffee is all about!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend (and the Red Carpet tonight!)!

Boldly Yours,

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