Friday, September 23, 2011

Tweets of Honor

We haven't quite nailed down our opinion on this topic yet...and it isn't that brides need another detail to think about when planning their big day.  But, with the world we live media is everything.  

For companies, individuals and now brides, social media is a way to keep thoughts and happenings out there and available for everyone to see...

So, should couples consider making their wedding web-friendly and how can they do it?  Here is some BCE food for thought on this topic...


Introducing wedding activities/photos/details online before, during and after the big day can help keep everyone in the loop, happy and comfortable. This will give people the chance to virtually get to know a little more and have access to whatever they might need. Lastly, for those guests that can't attend, they will be able to see everything online and maybe even as it happens!
  • If the couple is rather private, they should stick with the traditional wedding website.  It is simple and easy to create and share with all guests.
  • If the bride or groom is super tech-savvy and their friends and family have already deemed them a "super tweeter", then they should include Twitter, Facebook, etc. in the mix for the wedding.  They should, though, keep etiquette in mind (yes, there is etiquette for this!) and appoint a Chief Tweeter for the day. It should NOT be either of them or anyone in the bridal party.  Also, no tweeting during the ceremony...huge faux pas!
  • During toasts, the bride & groom can stand and read Facebook messages of those that couldn't attend the festivities but have posted well-wishes on their walls.
  • The couple can set up a Social Media Station at the reception.  Whether it is a live stream of photos from the dance floor or simply a place for guests to leave a love note on their Facebook Wedding Wall, this is a fun trend that may be seen more and more.
  • The couple can incorporate a special announcement (either as they enter the reception or after the officiant has pronounced them "husband and wife") that states "You may now update your Facebook status!"
  • Couples should remember to keep mobile accessibility in mind when planning any online element for your wedding.  They want to make sure guests can access everything from a Smartphone if necessary.
There is one more thing...couples should be careful to not overdue it and miss all that is happening around them while they are focused on creating a clever post.  They should leave it to their guests to post the happenings while they enjoy every single moment of the special day!

What do you think?  Should social media be incorporated, with good etiquette, into weddings? Do you think it will become more and more popular?

We are still contemplating this one....

Boldly Yours,

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