Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Coffee

October is here!  We couldn't be more excited to start this busy month full of amazing BCE couples and our latest endeavor...helping Interactive Intelligence design their annual Halloween festivities for employees!  

Besides the spooky stuff and all the pumpkin fun this month, here is what else we are smiling about...

Indianapolis is finally getting a Container Store!  I will be there this week enjoying some of the fun...

Southern Weddings is one of my favorite magazines and V4 is at the printer now!  I, of course, have pre-ordered, but a winner is in the works and you can enter here!  Seriously worth the inspiration no matter what event you are planning...

I love a touch of vintage and Olive Manna is something I am obsessed with at the moment.  From pretty personal organizing materials to sweet event details...this online shop makes my day!

Lastly, on a local level, I was thrilled to hear about The French Seam which recently opened on my side of the city.  The fabrics are modern, fun and different...and likely can't be found anywhere else nearby.  Now, I don't claim to sew or design clothing...but fabulous fabric can be used for many other things in my life! I might just have to pay the shop a visit soon...even if just for {my favorite word} inspiration.
Enjoy the change of season and start of October!

Boldly Yours,

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