Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Details Make the Difference

Going into my 4th month of interning with BCE, I've developed a LOVE (and a better eye) for the small, simple details that make the look of an event go above and beyond expectations. Many people, myself included, think the simple details go unnoticed and they are often a waste of time.  However, in these past 4 months, I have fallen in love with those small additions that bring the whole design of an event together perfectly.  So, I've decided to put together a list, or suggestions, of some of the small elements I've took note of at all the events that I absolutely adored.  Many are easy and inexpensive--enjoy!

- Candles in the trees

These would have to be my absolute favorite-- a reception we worked was located at a venue with many large windows in the rooms.  The bride had told Lori she wanted candles in small jars with jute tied onto them hanging from the tree branches.  We put about 3 or 4 in each tree and lit them right before the guests were to arrive.  As soon as it got dark, the candles looked absolutely amazing as guests danced and celebrated inside.  To look outside of the room and see the candles hanging in the trees was mesmerizing.  It made for an amazing fall-like scene, and added so much to the scenery and design.  It was so romantic!

-Hanging lanterns

Another wedding and reception we did at the Mill Top in Noblesville involved a lot of purple.  The bride had us hang paper lanterns of different circular sizes right above the dance floor.  To me, this looked fabulous and provided a lot of attention to the dance floor.  With the purple uplighting, this was a great way to add to the entire look of the wedding reception. 

-Old pictures of the groom and bride

At an wedding and reception we held at the D'Amore, we needed to use moving shelves to convert the ceremony room to the reception room, etc.  The couple brought us pictures of  when they were younger and of old family members, and we filled the shelves with the pictures.  They looked amazing because they were all black and white and had a vintage look that the bride loved.  I loved these because so many guests took note of the pictures, constantly admiring them. 

-Nontraditional Songs

At the same wedding at the D'Amore, the couple had a very different song selection for the ceremony.  When the bride walked down the aisle, they played the Hawaiian version of "Somewhere over the Rainbow".  I LOVED this because I love the differentiation from traditional wedding songs.  That's just me though, a lot of people still love the traditional wedding songs (which are also beautiful!) but this was just another touch to the wedding that made it different and stand out above other weddings!

These are just a few of the small, simple details that caught my eye.  Now, whenever I attend a wedding, tiny details will obviously be the first thing I take note of! As I said before, many of these simple ideas are fun, easy, and inexpensive; and, they take the wedding from "neat..." to "WOW!" in seconds! Hope these ideas give a few brides-to-be a few inspirations for their special day! 

TIP: If you are working with a planner, be sure to ask them what easy and affordable touches you could add to your event to make it extra special for you and your guests.  That is their job! 

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