Thursday, December 15, 2011

BCE's Top 10 of 2011

Hi all!

It has been an overwhelming fantastic year for BCE and we simply can't believe it is quickly coming to a close.  December is full of fun - and we thought a Top 10 List was the best way to wrap up our 2011.  So, as we close the office for the holiday season, the list below contains some of our favorite memories, moments and gratitudes from this amazing year.

Let the countdown begin...


Snappening launched and we jumped onboard.  This amazing tool is incredible and I couldn't be prouder of my dear friend and owner of the company, Crystal.  


Photo by Megalaine Images - Lori and her industry "girls" are pictured here

We attended the first Blissful Wishes Ball in support of Indy's Wish Upon a Wedding Chapter.  We are fully ready to continue to wrap our BCE arms around this organization in 2012 as well!


Because of ALL our amazing clients, friends and fans we once again were voted as one of the Top 3 planners in the city.  Thank you times a million, trillion.  We couldn't have done it without all your love and support!


Speaking of Crystal at Snappening - she was the reason for our #7 moment of 2011.  We had the privilege of providing our stylizing services to a summer event segment on the popular Indy Style.  We had the best time!


We we lucky enough to host two amazing interns in 2011 - both students from Butler University.  Heidi was with us during the hot summer months and Taylor just finished up the fall semester with BCE.  They were both tremendous assets to our year's successes and we couldn't have done it without them!  Thanks girls, and - have fun in your final semester at BU!


ALL our weddings are our favorite.  BUT, this one stood out to us for several reasons.  And, it gave us chills seeing the love in the room surrounding this couple.  So, yes, Laura and Jeff's "DJ" wedding made our Top 10!  Click on Jet Kaiser's image below and view the amazing video!


I just can't leave out the Royal WAS a highlight for wedding industry professionals across the globe.  And, BCE hosted our favorite vendor friends to a lovely spa day at La Dolce while watching the coverage play over and over.  It was a truly perfect and inspiring day in the Spring of 2011.  


Photo by bobbi+mike

There was no doubt, when I was building this list, that this particular wedding would be included.  How could we forget?  All I have to say is "tornado-like winds" and everyone knows what I am referring to - THIS amazing couple's day.  

Here is my blog about the experience.  Here is the Glamour article about it. 

Emily, Matt and the entire Wickert/Munsterman families - you will ALWAYS be with me.  Especially during stormy, Indiana days.  I love you all - and I am thinking a coffee date near the reunion of this day will be in order for 2012.  You are all the best client any wedding planner could ask for!

Photo by bobbi+mike


As we near the end of this list, I must include a favorite that has come across my desk toward the end of 2011.  We are always working to make ourselves better for our clients - and, with that, I am thrilled to be wrapping up some very fun website changes/additions.  So, though I can't share them right now - they are part of our 2011 and will be part of YOUR 2012!  One notable change is our new Dazzling Decor services that will be available in the new year...we can't wait!

AND, OUR NUMBER  1   FROM 2011 IS....

Our Growth.  As a company we have been blessed with so many wonderful clients in 2011.  Our thanks goes out to each and everyone of you for making our 2011 a true success full of fun, hard work, laughs and lots of love.  Cheers to all of you and here is to a terrific 2012!

Boldly Yours,

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