Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Outdoor Wedding Planning 101

Photo by Ed Lausch

One of the first challenges couples may face when beginning the planning process is choosing a venue. And, for many brides, exchanging vows outdoors has always been a dream.  Whether on the beach or in a garden setting, outdoor weddings can be so romantic…but there are several factors to consider before booking the perfect outdoor venue...

If you are planning to host the activities here keep in mind, as you probably already know, Indiana weather is very unpredictable.  One week you are wearing sandals and tank tops, and the next you are pulling your winter jacket out of your closet! 

But do not fear this crazy Midwest weather…I have gathered some tips that will help insure your dream day doesn't have weather-related hiccups that come when you don't plan correctly...

Be Flexible
Be sure to have a backup plan determined between you and the venue.  Even if it may not be your first choice, consider creative ways to make it work and become comfortable with the possibility of putting it into place if needed.  Otherwise, you really will set yourself up for a terrible day if the weather doesn't cooperate.

Consider the Wardrobe
Make sure to think about your wardrobe as well as your wedding party's digs.  Depending on the time of the year, you want to make sure everyone is comfortable versus miserable during outdoor photos and happenings.

Photo by Soda Fountain Photography

Compliment Your Surroundings
There are so many beautiful outdoor spaces and they all offer something unique.  Play off the natural setting you have chosen and use decor, color schemes and other elements that work with and not against the scenery. 

Photo by Nate Crouch Photography

Create a Seasonal & Regional Menu
Make sure to choose your menu based on seasonal and regional options.  Adding in this touch will, once again, tie together all the elements of the outdoor space where you are hosting your guests.

Assign a Weatherman 
Designate a “Day-of Weatherman”.  Have this person keep track of the weather conditions via a reputable source (The Weather Channel) 48 hours before the ceremony all the way through the end of the reception.  This will be one less thing you have to be tracking and worrying about.  If something pops up on the radar, this person will alert you and your vendors and the appropriate action can be taken at that time.  Because of Smart Phones, they will be able to do this right from their phone, onsite!

Photo by Nate Crouch Photography

I hope all of these tips are helpful as you begin planning your outdoor affair.  If you consider these few simple things throughout the process, your wedding will be a beautiful time for everyone!

Boldly Yours,

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