Tuesday, May 29, 2012

For the Groom

Hello Grooms - this one if for you!

We (and you) know how much time your bride spends preparing for the big day - and we think your prep is just as important.  Here are our 5 Groom Get-Ready Tips!

1.  Spa yourself!  Don't be scared - just do it.  You will probably end up making a second and third appointment for after the honeymoon anyway.  The most important treatments are a revitalizing facial - something that tightens and brightens right before wedding day.  

2.  Get to the Gym!  If you don't already, exercise!  Not only is it good from the doctor's POV, it will make you feel wonderful come wedding day.  If the traditional gym doesn't do it for you - sign up for a boot camp that meets at least twice a week.  

3.  Touch it up!  On the actual wedding day, make plans to get some final grooming.  For instance, treat yourself to a shampoo, massage or manicure.  Don't be afraid of the hassle and what your groomsmen might think!  The good ones will join you in the fun pampering!  

4.  Make it manly!  To make things manlier, if you are starting to feel out of your comfort zone, look for businesses that provide some "real men" treatments.  Beer washes and massages and hot towel facials with a side of scotch are the latest trend for grooms everywhere.

5.  Don't be afraid of the WAX!  If you need to lose some of that hair then you probably already know it.  This is the perfect time to get your hair in perfect order.  Your bride will be very happy when she sees you from the end of the aisle, trust us.

You are going to look so great!  Suck it up and go get fabulous for your lady (and soon-to-be-wife!)!

Boldly Yours,


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